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Internet Connectivity Repair Services

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As much as we all try to avoid it, inevitably something goes wrong with our Internet connections. And many times, the biggest challenge is identifying what the problem might be. Is your broadband modem on the fritz, or your router going bad? Did you take your laptop too far from your wireless router? Different things can cause internet connections problems. We can quickly troubleshoot and repair network and Internet connection problems.

You can now drop-off your laptop, notebook or desktop computer at our convenient Bergen County location


What causes internet connectivity problems?

Incorrect internet settings

Security Software blocking connection

Bad Router, Modem, Hub/Switch, Network Card

Broken or damaged cable or jack

Viruses and spyware infections

Service outage or outside line problem

We always suggest calling your Internet Service Provider first to check if its a service outage or problem with your line. There's not much we can do in these events and unfortunately we'll have to charge at least 1 Hour for the onsite service call. Please call us after you verified the problem is not with your internet service provider.


Why Choose Us?

Fast Same Day Onsite Service Best Price Guarantee

Every Repair is Guaranteed Certified and Highly Trained Technicians

A Technician Will:

Analyze and test network equipment.
Identify the cause & repair connection problems.
Replace any faulty equipment causing problems.
Configure and secure newly installed equipment.
Verify and enable security on computers
Test and verify all components working properly
Install complimentary FREE Anti-Virus protection.

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