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Remote Computer Access Setup Services

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Do want the ability to access your work computer from home? These days with broadband internet anything is possible. Remote Access enables you to access work PCs securely over the web from anywhere with an Internet connection - at home, on the road, at customer sites or on vacation. Work as though you were right in front of your computer. We can help setup a remote access to any location. Control your work computer from home.

You can now drop-off your laptop, notebook or desktop computer at our convenient Bergen County location


Remote access features!

Instant access to your remote PC from anywhere with an internet connection.

Control computer around the world, just as if you were sitting in-front of it.

Hear email notifications, check web based voice mail or listen to music from your remote computer.

Automatically print files from your remote PC to your local printer.

Move files quickly and easily between PCs.

Seamlessly drag and drop files and folders between connected PCs.

Share files or photos instantly with others, even those too large for email.

Synchronize files and folders on both PCs in seconds.

Access drives on your remote PC as if they were local.

Plus much more...

Why Choose Us?

Fast Same Day Onsite Service Best Price Guarantee

Satisfaction if Guaranteed Certified and Highly Trained Technicians

A Technician Will:

Install remote access software on each computer
Setup & configure options on server computer
Setup & configure options on viewer computer
Setup security and shared folders
Verify functionality and proper operation

Please Note

Remote access setup must be setup on both computers, which means that if the computers are not at the same location a separate visit will be required for the second computer.

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