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Windows 7/Vista to XP Downgrade Services

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One of the common problems users are experiencing with Windows Vista is that the operating system may not be compatible with their existing hardware, especially printers, scanners, and certain video cards. Some users complain that overall performance is worse than with XP; that Vista is buggy, and will freeze or crash often - even while running Microsoft software such as Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer and MS Word. Others complain that programs which worked find on XP don't work well (or at all) with Windows Vista. And there are complaints about new Vista features like DRM (Digital Rights Management) and User Account Control that seem to restrict the freedom of the users.

You can now drop-off your laptop, notebook or desktop computer at our convenient Bergen County location

Biggest problems with Vista!

Very high system hardware requirements

Incompatibility with many printers, scanners & video cards

Very buggy, and will freeze or crash often.

Many old programs applications will not work .

Sluggish overall system performance. 

Annoying User Account Control restrict the freedom of users.

Did You Know?

35% of new computers downgrade to Windows XP from Windows Vista
More than one in every three new PCs is downgraded from Windows Vista to the older Windows XP, either at the factory or by the buyer, a performance and metrics researcher said today..


Why Choose Us?

Fast Same Day Onsite Repair Available Offsite/Pickup with Flat Rate Pricing

45 Days Repair Guarantee Complimentary FREE Anti-Virus Protection Suite.

A Technician Will:

Backup important files, bookmarks & favorites.
Prepare, format & partition the hard drive.
Install Windows XP a clean hard drive.
Install Drivers and system applications.
Install complimentary FREE Anti-Virus Suite.
Install user provided software titles.
Restore backed-up files, bookmarks & favorites.
Optional email & internet setup.
Verify firewall & security is functional.

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